Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 359 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Nine

I am learning that I need one more day of adjusting to the new today will be a day of moving things around and assessing projects.  Later on I hope to work on more spikes for the newest hand sewn guy.

The newest hand sewn guy...needs lots more spikes, for sure.
What to tackle first?
This guy is the most do-able right now...but he needs to tell me his story.
I can at least clean up his eyes...and begin to listen.
Tell me your story...your colors...give me a clue.
Gathering the creatures that need work.
I am hoping in that re-working the cat girl I will get more insight on how to build up the croc's body.
The new view from my work chair in Studio B.
And I still don't know what these guys are about...maybe in 2015 I will find out.
I want so badly to work on this guy but I have no direction yet.
I am taking on the housework that will no longer be ignored -- a little at a time -- and feeling like I am at least accomplishing something.  Making spikes while watching tv will also help in that department because they are so time consuming...and I need so many of them.

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