Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 339 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Thirty-Nine

I dragged myself out of the house today.  I made a run up to the Northville Art House to buy some last minute raffle tickets for tonight's raffle gift basket drawings.  I also wanted to see the mosaic show in  I couldn't afford to bid on anything this time around...but, wow.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Upper gallery at the Northville Art House -- it will be packed in there tonight for the First Friday events.
These mosaics are a part of the 2014 International Mosaic Auction for Doctors Without Borders, organized by Lin Schorr.

And when I got home, there were two surprises in my mailbox.  A watercolor postcard of Krampus from Leann...and my second flip book that I ordered!

Later on I was looking around in the studio and I came across a small bin of Animal People that I put together while making the collages for Art-o-mat, but that were too large for the blocks.  These two totally separate guys are cracking me up and I think I will build a collage around them.  I was thinking I would like to put them in a shadow box and make the collage sort of dimensional...or maybe use a cigar box I "went shopping in my basement" and I came up with a few wooden nesting frames that might work.  I also found some painter's masking tape in case I want to use the cigar box lid...I would want to keep the patterned edge and I'd need to mask it...I didn't realize I had the painter's

Lifting the guy in front up a little to see how they might look in a shadow box.
The stuff I found while I was shopping in my basement.
The smaller frame seems to be the right size for this.
OR it could even be a shadow box itself...hmmm.

I am going to take my time with deadlines.  I was just fooling around with it and I will come back to it over the next few days.

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