Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 348 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight  (updated)

Tonight I have been working on a hand for the arm of the new hand sewn guy.  I am not going to keep track of how much time I put into this one...that last one was a fluke -- I don't normally care.

Earlier today and this evening I worked on filling in the background on Biteyou's painting/collage, as well as slightly outlining his eyes (using just straight-out-of-the-tube Phthalo Blue).  I mixed Paine's Gray with Phthalo Blue and came up with a very pleasing dark blue for the background.  It looks pretty good over the chalky black paper.  The inclusions in the paper aren't as readily seen and I think I like that...but they are there.  (Lots of holding of my breath on this one.)

I think I will make the other hand now...mostly so I remember how I did it.

UPDATE:  there -- I finished the other hand...but the hands are still separate from the sleeves...just posing them here.

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