Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 357 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven

Today I have been working on making a head for the newer hand sewn guy.  I wanted to try to make a pattern out of paper and see what I could come up with.  

I started out by trying to build a shape with triangles.  I am very easily frustrated and discouraged by paper engineering so I was prepared to take whatever came out of this.

I needed to write on the pieces as soon as I taped them together so that I would remember what they were and where they went.
Yeah...as if this will be the end result...not likely.
Then I felt like I was ready to transfer the pattern pieces to fabric but I realized I better make a legend for myself just in case I couldn't figure out the pieces.
Yep -- it was a really good thing that I made the legend for myself because I could barely make sense out of the fabric pieces once I cut them.

The pieces seemed to go together fairly well but I had to keep talking myself through it and stopping to figure it out.  I also cut the nose flatter on the end...more beasty vs canine looking.  And cool -- the farther along I got and handled the fabric longer, I found out that this is the same color-changing material that Sue used to have t-shirts out of...but this is fleecy horse wraps.  She must not have had very many of them made because I've never seen them before.

I was very glad to find that the spikes in that old prototype were not secured to the fabric -- they were just poked through the holes...yay! no seam ripper time!  I poked a few holes in the head and stuck some of the spikes through just to see how it might look later on.  I stuffed in some fiberfill and I think I might be able to make this work.  The head will keep taking on changing shapes with all of the spikes and so on.  At any rate, it is a better size for the arms/hands.  I'm done for tonight, though.

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