Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 346 (Part One) - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Forty-Six, Part One

I have to post about today in three sections because there were just too many photos to be contained in one post.

Peggy, Juana, Terri and I all got together for an arty afternoon and lunch today -- it was a total blast!  We went to the Scarab Club, Detroit Artists Market, Garden Bowl, lunch at Sala Thai, and then we parted ways for the drive back...Terri went home and Peggy, Juana and I stopped off in Ferndale to see Sanda Cook's show at Affirmations.  Then we dropped off Juana and Peggy brought me back to my house.  What a fabulous day...great company, great art, great (and goofy) conversation...just wonderful.  I am basically just going to let the photos speak for themselves.

Part One -- Gold Medal Members Exhibition at The Scarab Club in Detroit.

Yes, the most-featured piece is my blue bear guy "Out of the Blue" -- it's my blog...ha ha ha.  Plus I am still trying to get over how cool/odd/unreal it feels for him to be included in this really incredible show...I am so honored and pleased.

The Scarab Club
217 Farnsworth St, Detroit, MI  48202
(313) 831-1250
Gallery Hours:  Wednesday - Sunday 1:00 - 5:00

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Sue Marrazzo said...

Thanks for sharing...LOVELY!

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