Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 354 - 365/2014

Day Three Hundred Fifty-Four

Man.  It was still light outside when I started fooling around the the new hand sewn guy's arms and my fabric stash.  Too many choices plus I have not a got clue what this guy will look like yet.  

This is just a small sampling of the bazillion combinations I was looking at.

Wow -- I even had a small swatch of fabric from my studio chairs in my stash...nearly the same color just bigger.

After making myself totally nuts with all of the choices I decided I needed to know what his head was going to look like before I went any further.  A good thing about making stuff up as you go along is you can keep changing things.  A bad thing is that if you don't plan things out you have to go back and sort of retrofit stuff...which is where I am right now since I started with the hands/arms.  Sheesh.

I don't have any more whole gloves left.  I actually pretty much only have fingers and a few cuffs.  I don't know what I was thinking when I made those hands from blue glove material because I can't make a face to match.  I might need to make up his story to include that those are gloves he is wearing, not his hands...don't know...just don't know.

So I found one fingerless hand part.  It is close to the same blue but not the same so I will use the stripes as the muzzle area of his face...I think.

I needed to sew up the edges because I wanted to save the bulk of the stripey part.  I tried sewing up the finger parts a couple of different ways with just a running stitch sort of thread that I could pull out easily (and not have to deal with straight pins poking me).  I had no idea what direction to sew in and what that would do when turned rightside I played around a bit.

Sewing up the finger openings in this direction...
...made this sort of a nose and mouth.  I kind of like it but not for this guy.
So I ended up just sewing straight across and then I had to use white thread in the white stripe just because it was too off.

Okay -- so what would be the rest of his head?  Gah!  I have had this toy bear sweater saved for "something" since my niece was a little kid and the stuffed cat that I purchased the sweater for was long gone. 

I stared at it a long time and thought about it for an even longer time and then I got over myself and decided for crying out loud, it is just a long-gone toy's niece never wore it or anything...cripes.

I made a tube and I was going to use the inside part as the outside because I liked the texture, but it was easier to work with the loops and open them up by using my embroidery scissors to stretch one loop open (and not cut it) to put the spikes through.
I tacked some spikes in place to see how they might look and what shape his head might be with the stripey muzzle.

 And then the edges started to get really wonky and I needed to stitch up the loops a little and I just ended up making folded-over-and-quickly-stitched edge seams that would hold long enough for me to join the two pieces of knitted fabric. 

And then I used one of the buttons from the sweater for an eye and who knows if this is what he will end up like -- but for now I can almost start to see a guy emerging...but maybe not...too soon to say.  And now it is nearly nine at night and the cats are meowing for dinner -- where does the time go???

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