Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015 | Day 45

Day Forty-Five

Okay -- tonight I have been back at work on the (new version) Wolfy collage.  I added white Unryu paper to the mountains to represent snow, I layered several pieces of different papers in subtle colors to simulate clouds, then added a less subtle pink to give the clouds a little more color.  This is the first time I have added papers to a collage without getting the paper(s) totally wet with matte medium after each layer...instead I used a glue stick as I was cutting/tearing the papers and adding them.  I hope I got the areas wet enough tonight to soak through and let them do their thing.  I am happy with the mountains to this point.  You can see the flower-like patterns on the three that have it and it didn't dissolve when the matte medium was painted on.  I did give those areas a light, protective fixative spray when I first applied them -- it must have helped.  I still need to fix Wolfy's blue papers and I will go back to my old method of the paper being very wet between layers. I will just need to be patient now and check on the progress tomorrow.

The starting point tonight...I've cut new tracing paper shapes of the "snow" caps so that I can cut more white Unryu paper.
I also made two tracing paper clouds to match shapes between the sun and tower #1.
The first pale pink/sort of peachy Unryu paper for the clouds.
The camera is having a very  hard time "seeing" the colors I am seeing, but you can see the difference between the two clouds -- the one on the right has the pink/peach layer, the one on the left doesn't (yet). they both have a pink/peach layer.
An overlayer of white Unryu for the clouds.
I wish the camera could see the color coming through the white paper.
You can see it a little better here.
Aha!  I found some stronger pink for another layer.
Ooh -- I like it so far.
And now for the other cloud.
The clouds and snow caps in place.  I put them all on with a glue stick...I got them all super "wet" with the glue and rubbed the paper down as much as I could (without tearing it).  After this segment I will go back to my old wet-with-matte-medium method.
Okay -- this is how it looks with a lot of matte medium worked into all of the paper(s). 
A close up of the middle mountain...I really like how the blue flower-patterned paper turned out...and it didn't dissolve...yay!
I am quite pleased that the pattern is showing up.  I hope it stays like that after the matte medium dries.
Well, that is enough for tonight.  I need to look for the dark blue paper that I used to make Wolfy...he needs some patching up done.  Gosh...I hope I still have a little left.  I think I pre-tore a bunch of it and it is in a bag in a drawer...hopefully I can locate it tonight.

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