Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 | Day 37

Day Thirty-Seven

After much trial and error...after many, many chalk on/chalk off attempts -- I think I may have found what the big blue fluffy guy is.  He is definitely not a biteyou...believe me, I tried to make him into one but he just wasn't having it.  

I now think he is an updated version of my old character Wolfy.  Although the original Wolfy was absolutely capable (if not actually pretty close to) biting someone, this newer version doesn't seem to need to bite.

This is one of the ceramic tiles I drew Wolfy on...there were several...and most often Wolfy was blue.
I swear -- I get more pastels and chalk on me than on the collage. he is.  He needs quite a bit of work because of all of the mess I made on he has some messed up paper that needs to be fixed.
A longer shot.

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