Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 | Day 42

Day Forty-Two

The day started out with meeting up with Jan, Leann, and Joan for coffee and conversation at Tuscan Cafe.  It has been a little while since all four of us have been available at the same was long overdue...I love Wednesday Mornings with Jan, Leann, and Joan.

Inspired by Jan's embroidery project and her lovely little very colorful box of embroidery flosses I made a run over to Joann's Fabrics to get a bunch of my new scissors,   Jan also had a really cool little floss winder but Joann's was out of them...they said to call in a few days to see if more came in on the truck.  Oh -- I also picked up a bunch of really pretty and colorful fat quarters.

This pile loos deceptively small...I got a LOT of floss.
...including some really neat variegated ones.

Tonight I added a little to the Wofly (new version) collage.  I outlined his muzzle with a mini blue colored pencil, added a bit of blue pastel to his inner ears, and I made his nose a pastel black.  I have decided I will not be submitting Wolfy or Biteyou for that upcoming show because they are both not quite done.  I want to take my time of on them and they may end up submitted for consideration in two other upcoming shows.

Also today -- I had an early appointment with my pain clinic doctor and he upped the dosage on my meds...I am getting used to them.

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