Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 | Day 43

Day Forty-Three

Tonight was Second Thursday -- we haven't had one in a few months and it was good to see everyone!  (I was a bit under the weather so I sat it out tonight.)

Leann led the activity which was Artist Trading Cards.  To get a theme for the evening we rolled a letter die and people made cards that had something to do with the letter that was rolled for them.

Here are some photos:

Our newest member -- Nancy -- came by earlier in the day and we visited for a bit.  Nancy brought a snack for us and also gave us a pack of Bristol cards.  Unfortunately, Nancy was not able to stay because she'd rather not drive across town in the dark...and I don't blame her...I have night driving issues myself.  Maybe when it starts to stay light longer she will join us.  I suggested maybe she could car pool with someone from her area, too.
Present tonight:  Janice, Juana, Jan, Joan, Julia, Leann, Jane...and me for part of the time.

Leann's cards -- "M".
Julia's cards -- I guessing "H".
Jane's cards -- "K".
Joan's cards in progress -- also "K".
I wasn't in the room when Jan's letter was rolled...but here she is working on something.
Juana's work in progress.
One of Juana's cards.
Janice's cards -- the letter "E".
Even though I didn't make any cards, I got one of Janice's and two of Leann's.
Leann asked if we would be interested in doing an ATC swap each month...make cards on your own at home -- no specific theme -- and those who want to trade can trade.  It is fine if you don't feel like making cards to trade, too.  We will still have an activity -- the ATCs are a side project.


janice said...

Great fun as always. Thanks for sharing your home and hope you are feeling better. Not certain where Nancy lives, but if it is reasonably close perhaps I can bring her.

Took said...

Thanks, Janice!

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