Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 | Day 36

Day Thirty-Six

Tonight I added more of the very old, flower pattern tissue-y Japanese paper to the other two middle mountains.  I found some detail in Tower #1 and re-worked Tower #2 and cut a piece of textured paper for it.  I outlined the mountains (4) and towers (2).  I think I will probably need to add more white Unryu paper for the "snow" on the mountains, but not yet.  The big blue fluffy biteyou guy still needs a face...and it is possible it could turn out that he isn't a biteyou after all.

My starting point tonight...the three middle mountains.
Look -- tonight you can actually see the flower patterns (pink, blue, white) on the three middle mountains.
A slightly longer shot.
An even slightly longer shot than that.
Tower #1 showed me some details.
Tower #2 needed a whole new piece of nice textured paper.
That's better.
Can you see the texture/inclusions/pattern?
Tower #1's details inked in.
Overall, it is starting to look a little better.
I am not sure how much detail the towers will get...I don't want to distract too much from the big blue fluffy guy.  I am going to need to give the mountains and towers a little more definition, though.  I think there might also be some pink clouds on the way...maybe.

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