Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 | Day 44

Day Forty-Four

I am feeling about 80% better than yesterday but I still got a late start on my day.  I went back to Joann Fabrics to see if they had the embroidery floss winder back in stock (they didn't) and also to see if they had any linen or linen-like fabric I could get for making some new soft sculpture guys (they did)...and bonus...the fabric in the home decor department that I was looking at was marked at 50% off!  Then I found another fabric that was marked on clearance -- AND -- when I got to the check out it turned out I could use the 20% off on your entire purchase coupon!  So that included a bunch of hand quilting thread that I bought, too!  Good day to go to the fabric store!

I got four yards (1 yard of each color) of linen and one yard of twill, plus all of those spools of thread.
The twill fabric and the cool variegated threads.

I had planned on trying to work on something but I started fooling around in my iTunes and then crossed over to YouTube and got lost in watching music.  Wow...great stuff...and then I purchased a few of the songs in iTunes then I started to make a new playlist (to make a new mix CD for the car) and then I popped over to Amazon to find the embroidery floss winder (Joann Fabrics is way too dangerous a place for me lately) and a CD and a DVD...and then it was almost 10 at night and I hadn't fed the cats or eaten my own dinner AND I still needed to do a couple of loads of laundry...then I watched the Jeopardy! episode from earlier tonight...and then it was hurry up and blog before midnight already.  Time really does fly!

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