Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 | Day 35

Day Thirty-Five

Tonight I made tracing paper patterns of the mountains (and towers) behind the big blue fluffly biteyou.  I think I want to try to add thin, transparent papers to pull them out of their background a bit.  I tried using a very old, very tissue-y Japanese paper from an old samples book that has a blue sort of flower pattern on it.  I taped the tissue-y paper to the back of the tracing paper cut out of mountain #3 and cut out the shape as best as I could.  I glued that to the canvas with a glue stick and then I sprayed it with a matte fixative...hoping it wouldn't melt the tissue-y paper.  I wanted to pre-protect it from the matte medium that I will cover all of the paper add-ons with.  I can always change it later if it really turns out badly...but so far, so good.

Tonight's starting point.
The tracing paper cut outs of mountains and towers.
The really old Japanese tissue-y paper with the blue flower pattern.
The tissue-y paper cut out.
How it turned out -- for now.

I tried to take a longer shot of the collage but my camera can't focus on the flower pattern even though I can see it. 

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