Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 | Day 33

Day Thirty-Three

It may not look like much, but tonight I have been working on defining these three guys so that I can see them better.  I used pastels to make the colors of their clothes deeper -- they probably won't stay like this, but at least I can make them out more.  And the little guy on the left has more of a face now.  Also, the guy in the middle's horn was extended...I like it better now.

I started by cutting out some circles of white paper (after deciding on the size with the circle template) to try to find a better placement for the little guy on the left's eyes.  In the end, I left them where they were but made circles around them.  I also used the left over negative cut outs of the circles to find a mouth shape and placement.  Then I lightly drew on the lines in pencil.

Next I extended the guy in the middle's left-side horn out to where the color really wanted to stop originally.

 Then I added a teensy bit of white pastel around the little guy on the left's eyes.

Then I started to deepen the colors of their clothes so I could separate them more when I look at them (for now).

One of the main problems that has kept me from working more on this collage is that it is built on a watercolor that I purchased at a sale.  The watercolor was made on nice watercolor paper and was just barely taped onto a backing board with a mat over it to hold it in place under the heavy glass and metal frame.  The more papers and matte medium that I added, the more warped the entire piece became.  It is hard for my point + shoot camera to show you what I see when I look at it, but it is really warped out of shape.  When it comes time, I am sure that the framers I go to will be able to figure something out.

I hope to get this done in time for an upcoming deadline...fingers crossed, we will see.

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