Saturday, April 9, 2011

365 Day 99

more plaster cloth!

Meth & Hot Dogs 2
I ended up needing to do one more layer on the neck area of 'Nipped before I went to bed last night. But here he is...sleeping/drying.

'Nipped sleeping/drying

New Project!

There is currently a display at Northville Square Mall (where Solid Grounds Coffeehouse is) that shows various projects from some sort of learning center for little kids. I don't remember exactly what the name is (if I see it again I will come back and edit this part). It reminds me of going to the science fair when I was a kid.

There are lots of tables with different examples of all sorts of activities they do at the learning center. It is really really great.

One of the displays has a long snake made out of paper tubes -- I think it has to do with recycling things for art projects. ANYway ... that inspired me to do my own Studio Snake. I go through a lot of various paper tubes: toilet paper, wrapping paper, paper towels, mailing tubes, etc. I usually recycle them but I want to do a ongoing long-term project that will allow me to keep adding to it and try out different paint combinations, embellishing techniques, etc. This project will also help me play with supplies and try stuff. Maybe I will start to ease into painting even??? Perhaps get to not hate/dread it so much??? Hmmmmm...

The kids' snake was plain paper tubes that they painted or glued things to. I am going to put layers of plaster cloth on mine. This is the basic shape in the first layer stage. I already have a bunch of ideas for embellishing the body sections. I am really excited about this!

Studio Snake: the beginning

Woot! Woot! Dept.

AND -- finally -- I think I came up with something I am happy with for Juana's very belated birthday present. This is a deliberately cryptic photo so that if she happens to see it, she won't be able to tell for sure what it is.

Juana's long-belated birthday present: the beginning

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