Thursday, April 28, 2011

365 Day 118

a full, fun day!

Let's see...I started off packing up Listia auctions to mail out. Then I got Arto-art packed up to switch out in the machine at LIFT. Then I packed up my clay guys to take to Brenda's. Then I went to the post office, then to Sam's Club to get sandwichy stuff for dinner, then to Juana's to get her and we went to lunch at Ahan Thai and had a good tasty meal.

Art-o-mat artpacks packed into the boxes at my house

Then we went to LIFT and bought a bunch of new Tokidoki blind box unicorn toys and talked with Kent. Then I changed the art in the machine and Juana put the binder pages in for me.

the machine at LIFT (can't see the last column, sorry)

Then w
e went out to Brenda's to play with clay and the dogs.
On the way to Brenda's we sat in traffic for a bit...I hate traffic on the highway.

looking across the table...Juana is off camera to my left and Brenda is over at the counter working on her big leaves and faces

We had a great time with Brenda and Rocky and Ginger. We got to see James, too. Man...he has grown up -- looks like a rock star. Then we talked more and worked on clay projects more and had sandwiches and yummy vegetables and talked more and laughed lots.

Ginger with her half-a-tennis-ball

Rocky and his tennis ball -- he is incredibly focused

there's Juana...and Brenda

all of my "guys" are reunited...LOL

the little "guys" I am working on...they look like a forest of monoliths or something...Brenda is going to fire them

Then we drove back to Ju
ana's and dropped her off and I came home and was delighted to find a big box of art books that arrived from Amazon. Then I fed the cats and now I am writing this.

Next I am going to go look at my new books and watch my shows that were dvr'd.


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