Friday, April 1, 2011

365 Day 91

an art-filled road trip to Kalamazoo!

Juana and I are off on a road trip to Kalamazoo for the April Art Hop. We will be going to Bonnie Pfingst's Tiny Studio for her 1st-ever Tiny Market. Click on the poster to go to Bonnie's Tiny Studio blog!

Bonnie is also an Art-o-mat host and I will be taking a wide selection of art from my inventory of onesy/twosy artpacks from columns that didn't sell out all the way. This will give Bonnie an opportunity to see some Arto-artists she may not be familiar with yet and also share more Arto-art with her Kalamazoo area Arto-fans.

Juana and I will be sharing a table at Tiny Market. I'm packing up the Arto-artpacks, Tookies finger puppets that I made just for Tiny Market and a couple of my Animal People collages.

yikes -- I can't forget to take my Art-o-mat hoodie!

And of course...there is no way that Juana and I are taking a road trip and staying over at a hotel without bringing Magic: the Gathering!

travel essentials

here come the minotaurs...minotaurs are my favorite magic character(s).

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