Wednesday, April 6, 2011

365 Day 95 (late)

gah! I can't believe I missed my deadline!

I was taking a break in between spraying sealer on Chime Cat and I must've dozed off in my chair. MAN -- that is really disappointing. Oh well.

Here is a shot of the bathroom/spray booth with the edge of the cloud cart on the right...grumble grumble grumble. Even though I used a low odor spray, maybe I breathed in a bit too much of the fumes during the second coat. This is the only room with a good exhaust fan that empties to outside of the house.

Oh -- and guess what won't fit into my car?!? My sister is coming on Thursday morning to help me load Chime Cat into her truck and we will swing by and pick up Juana and then we will all make a run out to Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester to drop off Chime Cat and Juana's 3 entries for the show. Then we will all come back here (after lunch) and Juana and I will play Magic: the Gathering for a bit -- we haven't played in a while (too sleepy in Kalamazoo) -- then I will take Juana back home. Thank goodness for my sister and her truck (she needs a truck to be able to pull her horse trailer).

MAN it is disappointing to wuss out and drop off to sleep and miss my self-imposed deadline!

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