Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 | Day 93 (after a long absence)

Day Ninety-Three (after a long absence)

Wow -- it has been a long, long time since I posted anything.  I had the car crash (2/17) and I still can't really sit at my desk for very long (I need to keep my feet elevated even more than before) but I worked on something tonight (ALL night) and I wanted to make a quick stop in at the blog.

I have been working in short sessions on a soft sculpture snake.  It was meant to be a submission for an upcoming Call for Entries but I couldn't get it done in time...not even close.  So instead I am working on it in small increments and I have gotten this far.  The body of the snake is 109 inches.  It was originally going to have a head at each end but now I will probably not give it two heads.  I pieced together a bunch of home decor weight linen (or linen-like) fabric rectangles and they will be the stripey body of the snake.  

Tonight I started on the embroidery embellishment part of the project.  I cannot believe how long it took.  I started in the late afternoon, took a short break for dinner and then got back to work...finishing up at a quarter after  

A portion of the sewn together fabric rectangles -- I actually ironed the seams open on Wednesday (with Leann's iron and with the guidance of Leann and Joan).
Twink loves this project.
I am trying to explain to him that he needs to get up so I can work.
Circle templates and regular Prismacolor pencils.
One of these days I need to get some pencils/markers that are meant for making guide marks for fabric.
Tonight I learned I need to keep the stitches shorter than I had expected.  This guy will be for me so I am not too upset with the results, but I need to figure this out.
The back looks awful but it will be inside the completed guy.
Ha ha -- the fabric was in the embroidery hoop so long the indentation is really pronounced.  I imagine that will iron out later on.

Well geez -- I already can't sit here any longer, my feet and legs are starting to throb.  At least working on the snake keeps me in my recliner with the elevation.  I really really want to finish up two guys for another upcoming deadline (much bigger show) -- I hope I can get them done...those are things that have to be done in the studio in a regular chair (or standing up)...fingers crossed for that!

I am not sure I can make daily blog posts yet but I am going to try to at least do one a week.  It has been so strange not blogging everyday -- I lose track of time.

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aka Scarlett Risen said...

I am sorry about your car crash andhope you make a full recovery.

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