Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015 | Day 105

Day One Hundred Five

Too...many...choices.  I absolutely agonize over the selection of colors when it comes down to making a final choice for a project...every time.  There is still a very slight chance that I could get the plaster cloth rabbit guy "dressed" in time for photos for the upcoming submission deadline...thanks to a visit from my Universal Collaborators.  (I am still fairly limited with how long at a time I can sit without elevating my feet/legs...and how much my arms/hands can that plays into the mix, too.)

With the suggestion to go with a very simple jacket, shirt, pants, shoes...rather than building up a collar and lapels and buttons, etc. with plaster cloth first -- I might be able to pull this off -- BUT -- will I be happy with it in the end?  That is the bottom line.  (I could also maybe fashion collar, pockets, etc. out of paper.)

I have not made a definite choice yet, but I have narrowed it down to a few options:

First I sorted through the unsorted pile for ideas.
Next I pulled out the new marbled papers I recently bought and put them into color groups.
I really like this choice...the solid-looking paper is really more olive than gold in real life...and it is the "B" side of a printed paper.
This dark blue paper could look like jeans.
I also like the texture of this other blue...but do I choose the tie-dye side...
...or the marbled side of the paper?
Or maybe pinks?  Marble or tie-dye?

The marbled side of the papers are gorgeous but they are very flashy with the metallic elements and will be tougher to layer little torn pieces together.  The tie-dyed side of the papers are even more saturated colors.  But hey -- how else would a rabbit guy dress?

Lots of thinking to do this afternoon...I need a color break right now.

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