Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 | Day 102

Day One Hundred Two

Tsk, many missing days in this year's blog.  I hope to get back to daily blogging eventually, but for now I am happy with whatever I can manage.

Today was about buckling down and choosing a main color for the plaster cloth rabbit guy.  IF I get him done in time (enough for photos, at least) before the deadline I will submit him for consideration in an upcoming show.  Fingers crossed...stupid car accident...oh well...if it happens in time, it happens.

I narrowed my choices down to four colors and then agonized over them and finally chose one.

The four color choices were pale pink, pale yellow, peach, and very pale blue.
It got down to pale yellow or very pale blue...and very pale blue wins.
I still have no idea whatsoever for how I will finish the rest of him...hopefully my Universal Collaborators will show up sometime during the application of the body papering.

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