Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 | Day 118

Day One Hundred Eighteen

I am going to try to get back into the blog-post-a-day thing...starting today.  I won't beat myself up about if it doesn't happen again or when I miss a day...but I am going to make an effort to try.

Today my good friend Terri came over to shoot some of my 3D artwork...my plaster cloth guys and a soft doll.  These will be used on the website Terri is building for me.

Before Terri arrived I did a little bit of prep work.  I brought out all of the plaster cloth guys and one of my soft sculpture dolls.  I had to also vacuum several of them to get the dust off.  Then I sketched out the idea I had for the photo of me for the "about me" page of the new website.  In addition, I cleared out a makeshift photo studio area for Terri to work in...this involved taking down some artwork from the walls in a corner of the kitchen and clearing off the big marble top table so we could move it out of the way...MAN, that marble is heavy!!!

Bringing out the artwork to be photographed today...and vacuuming it all to lose the dust.
Trying to sketch out an idea of mine for the photo of me for the "about me" page.
Terri at work in the makeshift photo studio area.

Terri and I had a good time, brainstormed some basic ideas, shared a delicious pizza (with eggplant), had some great conversation/catching up time...and when I let the cats come out of the bedroom when we were all done and the kitchen was put back together, Bootsy performed on the cat exercise wheel so Terri could see it in person.  Oh...and Terri is storing  some of her artwork in my basement for a bit...we set up a table for her in the basement. All in all, it was a very good day!

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