Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2015 | Day 119

Day One Hundred Nineteen

Today I have been working on the super long linen/embroidery embellishments snake.  I've been working on him everyday for about a week.  All of those little stitches are very time consuming and it feels like I will never be done with this outlining of the circles part...I still have twenty-five inches left to go.

What I've been up to lately...outlining all of these circles with embroidery floss stitching.
These seven-and-a-half circles took exactly 45 minutes.
The backside of what 45 minutes looks like.
Overall view, top side.
Overall view, underside.
Today's accumulated work -- everything from left of the blue floss.  I still have 25 inches to go...let's see  how far I can get tomorrow!  After I finish the outlining I can start adding the colors again.

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