Monday, April 6, 2009

KT Goodlove for April 6

This is block #39 in the Kettle + Took collaboration series "KT Goodlove" for Art-o-mat®.


Tamsen Salvador said...

Hey, there! The thing that most excited me on a recent visit to The Whitney Museum of American Art, was the Art-O-Mat in the gift shop. And, guess what? I'm now the proud owner of a KT Goodlove wood block. But, what does it mean? Everyone I show it to has a different interpretation. What's yours?

Took said...


Thanks very much for leaving the comment, Tamsen!

Since the Asian script is an element by Kettle, I don't know what it says (or even if it is going in the right direction...tee hee.)

For my own interpretation, I quite often find myself thinking of something new every time I look back at one of my collages. I generally don't have anything in mind when I make them -- hence the playful "Fraught with Meaning" name of my blog -- because oftentimes folks take art so seriously and read so much into it.

I LOVE Art-o-mat because it is a more lighthearted take on art.

Having said all of that, looking at the block right now, I think my story is that the dog man is at work and is kinda bewildered to have come upon a little toast man wandering the hallway rambling on in some unrecognizable dialect.

Elin said...


The Whitney!!!

Took said... is so amusing to me that my Art-o stuff is "in the Whitney".

They order "Animal People" regularly, too.

oneperson said...

Send more KT Goodloves!!


~artomatcarol :-)

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