Saturday, April 11, 2009

Great article about Art-o-mat®.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina artist Clark Whittington -- the creator of Art-o-mat® -- sent me a link today to a GREAT interview he recently did with FLYP.

I've never heard of FLYP (but that isn't saying all that much...I haven't heard of a LOT of things) so I Google'd them. Here is what their "about us" page says:
FLYP uses an innovative palette of online tools and Web 2.0 user functionality to provide an engaging and enriching multimedia experience. We approach the Internet as a new medium—not just a new distribution channel—and we strive for a form of journalism that fulfills its possibilities on topics that range from politics and science to art and music.

Combining high-quality text, video, animation and design, FLYP goes against the here-today-gone-tomorrow tendency of journalism on the Internet. Our biweekly issues full of stories on topics ranging from politics and science to art and music are meant to be experienced, and not just read. Merging the best characteristics of print journalism with appealing interactivity, FLYP tries to offer up a dynamic magazine.

FLYP is created and published by Digital Media International, LLC.

To read and see and hear the fab-o arto-article/interview, click here!

Ha...I just read/listened to/watched the article again
-- the first time through I didn't realize Herbert Hoover had a small video interview in there as well!

Herb makes the delightful pewter cast saltine crackers and pretzels found in Art-o-mat machines.

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