Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day One Hundred Fourteen -- late!

Dammit...I missed the midnight deadline (self-imposed) by just a couple of minutes and I am not quite done...I need to finish the background color.

Lots of silly drama today...then I didn't get home until late. Pooh.

Here is a Cheshire Cat for "Penciled In" for

I will be back before I go to bed to post the background color. Geez...I hate it when I miss the deadline!

Later...that same late night we go again with the color not scanning right. The background is looking orange, when it is actually yellow and I tried taking several photos and it
is too dark in here right now for it to come out right. I will have to update this tomorrow after I get home.

I am very annoyed...can you tell? I have to go to bed and I am not tired. I did not get the w
ork done that I needed to do today. I do not feel prepared for tomorrow's yard sale. Everything will be fine...but I don't feel prepared. Wah, wah, wah...

I need the sign from my friend Kells' dance lesson studio that says "NO WHINING". I need it bad.

4-26 update
As if anyone besides me cares...LOL

This is closer to the actual yellow of the background. Not sure why it is so hard to scan or photograph.

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