Monday, April 20, 2009

Day One Hundred Ten

Ooooh it's a gloriously lovely rainy day...and you know what that means! ART ABOUNDS!!! Yay!

Mr. W. is a guy I started before and abandoned because he just wasn't working out. Inspired this morning by my rainy day, I revisited him. I think he works pretty well now. And the bottom edge where your finger goes in...oooooh, so soft!

What can I say, Mr. W. was a posing fool. I chose his best two shots to share with you.

Here he is doing his impression of a Kill Taupe bunny and also "disguising" himself as a refrigerator magnet. This guy is pretty playful.

This is a finger puppet for my Art-o-mat® series "All Ears".

tee hee...I snuck in that picture of "my" goat Hershey...I sponsor him at SASHA Farm.

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