Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day One Hundred Forty-Seven has been quite a while since I made a finger puppet.

Here is another girly girl.

I will take another shot tomorrow when there is more available light. Her eyelashes are cuter than in this photo.

This is a finger puppet for my Art-o-mat® series "All Ears".

Update: Here is another shot so you can see that her eyes are cuter than in the first photo.


Elin said...

Dig those eyelashes!

Johnny Botts said...

Took, I like your finger puppet series! very fun! Last week I sent a new series of blocks to Artomat, so you might get something of mine for one of your machines... :-)

Took said...

Thanks, Elin!

Johnny Botts -- I did order some of your new blocks...very cool!

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