Wednesday, May 27, 2009

blog promotion site -- lookie!

This cool site stumbled across my blog (somehow) and now I am telling YOU about it.

It's pretty cool...I have gotten several referrals from the site. Check them out!

The site is

Here is a little bit about them, from their website:

Welcome to
Blog surfing at its best! is a blog surfing website.
(Basically like channel surfing but for blogs).
If a blog surfer finds a blog that interests them they can stop and read it or bookmark it for future reading.

How does it work: provides bloggers with free exposure to large groups of potential readers by pulling recently updated blogs at random from wordpress and blogspot.

In the words of one user:

"It’s an interesting site that flips through recently updated WordPress and Blogger blogs in the same fashion that I flip through 200 cable channels.
It displays a blog for a few seconds - just long enough to let you decide if it might be worth reading and then it flips on to the next blog."

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