Monday, May 25, 2009

Day One Hundred Forty-Five

This big shot in my office building wears sunglasses in the elevator. WTF? Does he think he's Bono?

This is another collage for my Art-o-mat® series called "Animal People".

Side Note:
I tried to make a conscious decision today to deliberately select an animal head and then match a body to it. I have also been deliberately trying to have a pattern in the order of the collages for this set...girl, guy, kid/couple/person with animal/etc., "other" animal, then back again.

I have already been having a bit of a problem with this planning and pattern stuff...and this is only the fifth block in this current set of fifty.

Hey, I'm a triple Capricorn...I usually thrive on rules, patterns, routines...but when it comes to making collages it simply doesn't work for me. That really surprised me today.

I guess it is back to just doing it and listening when The Universe makes suggestions now and then.

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