Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day One Hundred Forty-One

I am not kidding...I cannot even tell anymore at this point. There are probably 8 different shades of green on this dog. I will get a second and third opinion tomorrow, but I think this one probably will not go into a machine...I am not happy with it but I put too much time into it to scrap it as today's post.

It's like my eyes are totally fried they soaked up waaaaaay too much bright sunshine and colors today. Over stimulation or something...maybe the lighting in the studio is just too harsh tonight. I don't know.

I went to the Farmer's Market in Northville this morning to buy flowers for the yard. At 8 am it was already so bright I almost couldn't see. Then all those colors of flowers and people and was a madhouse. Later I was joined by my friend Andi (who will be doing the planting tomorrow) and we went to two garden centers and a gardeny store (gazing balls, wind chimes, statuary...that kind of gardeny store). When I got home I still hadn't had enough and I spent several hours in the late afternoon and early evening looking at flower catalogs...all those super saturated!

My eyes are just totally fried. Or something.

This tiny portrait is for my series "Penciled In" for Art-o-mat®...or maybe not...probably not. Sheesh.

Update: (next day) Andi suggested brightening up his "aura"...not sure if this helped...I'll ask her (and Annabella) was almost impossible to get anything to show up on the red/magenta background.

Saturday Update: Andi says it looks fine now with the extra colors in the "aura". I will trust her

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