Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day Sixty

I am torn with this one for Animal People. I would appreciate comments.

I needed to outline the red k in black...I already decided that. A black k was too dark and leaving the red k w/o outline left it too stark and blindingly hard to look at. I practiced on another paint chip because I didn't want to wreck the real piece. Fine point sharpie and other permanent pens smeared. The colored pencil didn't...on the practice chip, anyway. Okay, while the outline isn't actually smeared, it is not exactly neat. On this paint chip the colored pencil is a bit see through.
The more I mess with it, the worse it gets.

Here is my question. I'm not asking for solutions -- the "damage" is already done, there is no fixing it. What I want to know is: should I include this piece for putting into an
Art-o-mat® machine somewhere...would you be okay with it if you got it? It wasn't originally the look I was trying to achieve, but it is not too far off the mark. Sometimes (well, okay...often) the Universe takes over and changes the course of something I am working on. This was one of those times.

If I got the block, I'd be fine with it...cuz it has the feel that it was intentionally going along with the theme of the paint on the kid's shoes..."kid-messy". Contrasts with the clean lines of the "adult" portion of the block.

What do you think -- honestly?

1 comment:

Terri Greenberg said...

Why not go a skeensy bit MORE messy on the outline (like maybe drag the line into the A)? That way, it WILL be ob obvious that you were going for a sketchy look.

And no, I wouldn't be upset with getting this one. I think that the wry humor on the "adult's" face is terrific.

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