Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Eighty-One

Much too much going on lately...maybe that is what inspired today's block...subliminally, that is.

Whether it is make up gifts (as in making up after a fight) or make up gifts (as in dream up/pretend), this cat girl seems pretty wow'd at the thought of a gigantic ice cream cone guy.

This is block #24 in the Kettle + Took collaboration series "KT Goodlove" for Art-o-mat®.


FartsyArts said...

OMG i love that cats response to coffe!! HAHA

Ricë said...

oh, i love this cat + coffee!
do you post about the roller derby? a friend of mine is into it--or at least i know she went to one recently--

Took said...

Hi Ricë -

Wow -- thanks for commenting on my blog!

Yes...I am a volunteer on staff with the Detroit Derby Girls. I am the assistant to the head of the Events Committee and I am also Staffing Coordinator for bouts. I do the Will Call, Guest List, and other things at the front table at bouts. I LOVE DERBY!

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