Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day Eighty-Seven

Hokey smokes! I nearly forgot to post something for today! I am wiped out.

For some reason, today's bout was really exhausting! The Sunday after a bout is usually my "recovery" day -- and man oh manny man -- it is going to take a lot of recovering tomorrow! Whew! I left at one and I just got home...a few minutes after eleven.

Anyway -- here is a block that cracked me up. The cat's face is so funny to me. I can't tell whether she is annoyed or hunting or doing that "singing" thing that cats do to birds, or if she is just stuck in traffic.

You know that singing thing that cats do -- that eh, eh eh eh, eh ehhhhehh thing? Can you hear me doing it while I type?

This is block #30 in the Kettle + Took collaboration series "KT Goodlove" for Art-o-mat®.


Liisa Mannery said...

Hey, I left a comment and it vanished. You moderating me? Actually, I think I forgot to click Publish. Once I type in the captcha, I think I'm done.

When I hear 'em coming, ascramse!

Liisa Mannery said...

Oh, yeah. The comment said..."I hear you cackling!"


Well, I'm stumped by that one.

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