Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Seventy-Three

Ooooh, I'm beat -- I've been working on derby stuff in prep for tonight's bout for the last few days there is a two week break before the next I've got a whole week of "time off" (mostly). We had to change the way we did the Will Call and pre-door ticket sales today and I was really stressed out about it. I was worried for the people who would be doing the "new" job on a different floor from where we normally do it (actually it is usually my job) and I was worried for the incoming crowd and having them routed to a different floor and having them go to the 3rd floor and then coming up to 3M...a whole 'nother step before they can come in...and pretty much with no warning for the crowd...just a big change to deal with. But it went pretty well, thankfully. It will just take a little getting used to and a little fine tuning. (Took, do you really think anyone reading this blog CARES about this stuff???)

I'm going to dive into the KT Goodlove series next week and make as many as I can so I can get the series done quicker and send it into Artists in Cellophane so that the pieces can start hitting
Art-o-mat® machines across the country sooner. (Plus Kettle poked at me a little...LOL)

Because, you know...I was actually making a piece of art a day (not just posting one a day) but there is no hard and fast rule that says I have to do this blog that way. It is just the way I started out. (Except for those cheaty days where I posted the "Penciled In" teensy portraits that I made back in December.)

Which brings me to today's post. Heh. I am totally wiped out...I just got home and I really did plan on making an Animal People collage because I can do those fairly quickly (as opposed to the KT Goodlove, where I need to do those reverse masks for making my part of the collage look like it's "behind" Kettle's fabulous artwork.) Woah...that was a rambling sentence...I do need to go to bed.

Where was I? Oh yes. Which brings me to today. I miraculously found one last "Penciled In" teensy portrait from December. A fluffy purple cat with a green background.

I really do like these little portraits. But now I will need to start fresh because this really is the last one left. From this point on, I will be making and coloring each one from more stockpile to pull from. "Penciled In" are colored pencil drawings on MDF blocks. They are based on ceramic tiles I have made. But a few of the characters are new and made just for the series.

Yep...I'm really rambling. I'm going to ramble on to bed now.

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