Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Forty-One

Ahhhh...back to my favorite collage-y thing to make for Art-o-mat® (or for any reason) -- my Animal People.

Not all Animal People are human-sized. This bunny girl is "you probably wouldn't see her in your garden among the flowers" small.

(note to Casey: This is another example of that line I walk with the "rabbits thing". Because I have been owned by cats for most of my adult life, I could happily make Cat People all day and night...but sometimes I think it is good to make other animals, too. And if a rabbit's neck is stretched enough, it makes a pretty good Animal Person.) (and now that I re-read this, the "kids thing" goes in here, too -- LOL!)

1 comment:

FartsyArts said...

OMGGGG i want a little animal person with a Peanut head!!!!

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