Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Fifty-Seven

This morning I watched a whole bunch of tutorials about basic embroidery stitches. It was much more helpful than trying to figure out diagrams (which I am horrible at doing).

I felt somewhat less frustrated as compared to yesterday. The construction still took about the same amount of time, but I pretended that I knew what I was doing...heh heh.

I think part of the "problem" (besides my non-sewy self) is the material I am trying to embroider. The tutorials showed a nice, taut piece of fabric with a more closed weave. Still, I'm happy with these finger puppets for
Art-o-mat®...I would be happy to get one out of the machine if I were an Arto-customer.

Nine down, forty-one to go before I pack 'em up and send 'em in!

The long shot of this guy puts me in mind of teenage boys leaning on their lockers in the hallway in high school, watching the parade of girls going by.

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Liisa Mannery said...

You're absolutely right that you picked just about the hardest thing around to embroider on...a thick, soft, fuzzy, stretchy knit! Arghhh! You have every right to be proud of your stitchery skills.

juntes (hoon-taze)

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