Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day Thirty-Two

This is a sampling of a new Art-o-mat® series I am hoping to get approved.

They are little "portraits" in colored pencil on MDF. I made the little hanger on the back out of wire. Some of the designs are scaled down versions of ceramic tiles I made, others are new. Most of the animals will be either plain or drinking coffee.

I am having to shelve the "Tunnel Vision" series (for now) because I am having production problems with it. I am not abandoning that series, just setting it aside for a while. I am not really much of a paper "engineer" and it takes me ALL day/night to complete a tunnel. I keep messing up the alignment of the windows. I am not very skilled at measuring and although I enjoy repetition, I am finding it very difficult to get it right...but I will eventually.

In the meantime, I am hopeful to do the little portraits. I need to think of a name for the series. I am really wiped out tonight and perhaps not explaining things well, but here is a sampling nonetheless. (Oooh...there is that word again!)

I started this series at Christmastime, not intending them for Art-o-mat®, and I sold a number of them...they seemed pretty popular. Now, with the Tunnel Vision series on hold, I need something to fill its place for my blogging efforts (and to help replenish my stock at AIC).

Oh yay...Clark just emailed me back...he said "yes"! I apologize, but I am too sleepy to rewrite and update this this version will just have to do. Nighty night!


Liisa Mannery said...

How do you get such vivid color with pencils? Love the three different color dogs, Of course Clark approved them!

Can I help in any way with the tunnels? I'll email you.


Took said...

I think the scanner punched the colors up slightly, but they are pretty much how they look in person.

They are just Prismacolors...I may push hard when I color...trying to get the color to cover the brown of the MDF. Also, I sometimes put a layer of white pencil down first.

Basically the answer is: I don't know. LOL

Terri Greenberg said...

I think they should be called

Decaf or Regular

p.s. Can I buy them all? I have those three tiles grinning at me right now!

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