Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 | Day 124

Day One Hundred Twenty-Four

I have been working on a bunch of things today...a little more on some, less on others...but busy all day and evening...yay.

In no particular order (because I kept coming back to things) I worked on:  the really long horns guy, Biteyou (the original), the 2snake, and -- even though I told myself I was taking a day off from sewing -- the linen snake circles (no photo).

I added some light color to the 2snake so that I would be able to keep track of his back vs his belly when I start to work on him.
I decided that I wasn't happy with the finish of the really long horns guy after all...he needs more work, more spiffing up.
I always get more paint on me than on whatever I'm working on.
He had some areas that needed paper repair as well...and he is getting an overall look to (hopefully) pull him together.
Taking a giant step towards finishing up on the original Biteyou...this is really hard for me.
I need to keep a bunch of stuff going on at once right now.  I have a lot of ideas swimming around and I am jotting them down into my sketchbook but I also need to physically work on several things at once...I just need to.

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