Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 | Day 122

Day One Hundred Twenty-Two

I liked the 2snake (I need to think of a better term for him) when he was a pencil sketch last night...but I really like him now that I painted around him.  I'm not sure about the background color(s) yet, but I have a very big tube of Liquitex phthalocyanine blue paint (and I like the color) so it is going down as a base.

Tonight I have been sewing with colorful embroidery floss, beginning to fill in all of those circles on the linen snake.  I want to try to use up some of the odd ends of floss (I have TWO stashes of it)  before I start using the numbered/orderly floss.

Floss ends stash #1.
Floss ends stash #2.
Starting at one end and working my way down.
This is enough for tonight!

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