Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 | Day 121

Day One Hundred Twenty-One

I am taking the day off today from sewing the long linen snake...but I am beginning a 2D version of its original idea.  

A big, blank canvas -- ack!  I had to move fairly quickly before I lost my nerve.  I did a big sweeping curvy line to place the snake on the canvas -- without lifting the pencil -- all in one solid line, then I went back for adjustments.  I liked the head on the right side so I used tracing paper to get the same image and then flipped it over for the left side head.  It is not exact (and I didn't want it to be) but I am pretty happy with the overall look.

This was originally thought up for a show I ended up not submitting anything for.  I liked the imagery and idea I came up with but I wasn't "sold" on the show's theme and I didn't have enough time to work out the details.  At that point I decided to make a long soft sculpture snake but then I wasn't sure I wanted it to have heads on both ends.  For the 2D version I like the two heads...not so much for the 3D snake.

I have a whole lot of ideas for this canvas and the snake and the wording that will be around it.  Choosing colors is my hard part, of course.  I am going to take my time on this since there is no deadline for it anymore.

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