Tuesday, December 29, 2009

KT Goodlove #96

"hmmm...I feel strangely jumpy."

This is block #96 in the Kettle and Took collaboration series KTGoodlove for Art-o-mat®.


Pacific College Mom said...

I got this one! I like it a lot, too!!

Took said...

Wow -- did you just recently get it from a machine? Which one?

I'm glad you like it.

Pacific College Mom said...

No, I actually had you send me a couple of different ones, since I live on the West coast, where Art-o-mat machines are scarce. I would love to have one close by, I'd be buying and creating art for them all the time!
That is, when I'm not doing homework. I always seem to be doing homework! (well, not right this minute, ehehehehe)

Took said...

I imagine you already know about this link to machines across the country. http://www.artomat.org/machinesbystate.php

Since I have no experience with the West Coast, I don't have a grasp on how close or far these machines are from you.

You could still make art for Art-o-mat even if you don't live near a machine, you know...wouldn't you like people all over the place (who wouldn't normally get to see your art) own a small piece of what you do?

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