Monday, February 8, 2010

What's IN the machine?

Currently IN my Art-o-mat® machines:

Detroit Comics -- Buckety -- Ferndale, MI

Scott Blake -- flip books and patches
Maija Peeples-Bright -- "Beautiful Beasties" paintings
William Hessian -- "Bearded Bunnies"
Took Gallagher -- "Animal People" collages
Toby Millman -- guide to returning to Earth (after alien abduction)
Julie Armbruster -- "Beasts" paintings
Greg Smith -- trompe l'oeil paintings of marbles
Jessica Guptill -- paintings (from 3 series)
Hebert Hoover -- pewter cast pretzels
Sarah Crumpler -- robots drawings
"Take a Chance" -- random variety column

Solid Grounds Coffeehouse -- Greeny -- Northville, MI

Janet Whalen-Dunning -- hand painted silk squares with Key West scenes
Katy DeMent -- plantable handmade paper

Brenda Marks -- "Animal Houses"
Sarah Whittington -- mini paintings on canvas with easels

Road Warrior -- hand made soaps

KT Goodlove -- painting/collage collaboration by Kettle and Took
Herbert Hoover -- pewter cast saltine crackers
Detroit Derby Girls -- variety of artwork
Took Gallagher -- "Penciled In" colored pencil drawings

1 comment:

Elin said...

I have 26 new pieces made, and I'm gonna try to knock out another 24 in the next couple days...

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