Wednesday, February 24, 2010

KT Goodlove - series 3 begins!

"don't make me choose"

Earlier today I was feeling like I just wanted to go outside and lay down in the snow and let the new falling snow cover me up and no one would find me until the Spring.

But then I remembered -- I had new KT Goodlove blocks to work on. Yay!

Here is block #101, the first in Set 3 of "KT Goodlove"...
the series that Kettle and I collaborate on for Art-o-mat®. He paints the blocks, sends them to me, I add my collage bits and send them in to Artists in Cellophane.

Darn, I forgot to scan the "before" block. Oh well, you can find it in the post before this one.

You can see more of Kettle's art here.

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