Friday, August 21, 2009

not abandoned...just sleep deprived

I am such a slacker. I have allowed myself to become obsessed with something and although I have NOT abandoned this project, I probably won't post again until Monday.

I am 100 % sleep deprived and worth absolutely nothing right now (I am surprised I can type...sheesh.)

I will be back with the appropriate number of make up Arto-pieces...most likely on Monday. Really. You just come back and see.


Elin said...

no pressure, baby!

Pete's Quiz said...


I saw your comment on and thought I'd pop along to your blog. Personally I'm not that much into art, but I know someone who is an artist, who also has set himself the task of taking and publishing a photo-a-day. His blog is A Photo A Day Every Day -

My blog is Pete's 'Today in History' Quiz blog - - where I set questions about that day in history, which I also do EVERY DAY!!

So, keep up the good work!


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