Thursday, July 9, 2009

Detroit Derby Girls & "Whip It" news/pic!!!

SO exciting!

Take a look at this article from USA TODAY about Drew Barrymore's new roller derby film "Whip It". Several of the skaters on the derby teams in the movie are actual derby girls from Detroit Derby Girls and Grand Raggidy Roller Girls. Also within the article is a link to the article "having a derby name is like being a super hero".

This is the photos link from the article and here are the DDG members who are in the pics:

1/8: Summers Eve-L (red helmet on left)
5/8: Sass Knuckles (far red helmet), Sarah Hipel (formerly known as helmet, plaid skirt), Vega Vendetta (red helmet, black & red tie)
6/8: Jackie Daniels of GRRG (Michigan "mitten" tattoo, plaid skirt, behind Ellen Page), Sarah Hipel (red hair, plaid skirt), Racer McChaseHer (braided hair, white socks with black stripe)

All of the DDG links will take you to the skater's team profiles at the DDG website. Within their profiles you can click on "next photo" to see more shots of that skater.

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