Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 | Day 156

Day One Hundred Fifty-Six

Well, I suppose I might as well get used to the (apparent) fact that I am no longer doing a daily blog -- this year anyway.  I miss the discipline of the daily posts but things are different this year and that is just how it is.

This morning I am beginning to rework the cat girl.  I want to try to get her to look more "finished" than she used to.  I also want her to be a stand-alone character rather than be connected to Chime Cat.  Originally I tried to make her look like a resident of Cloud City (the place Chime Cat was visiting).  Her skirt and tail were meant to look like clouds and a sky.  For this incarnation she will have her own story.  She also gets glass taxidermy eyes this time around.

Today I am working on "aiming" the glass eyes.  I will need to do more plaster cloth reconstruction on her face but this is my first stopping/drying point.  She won't be even close to perfect but I am enjoying the learning progress/process that goes along with working with what I've got.

Here is her "before" look from late January, 2012.

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