Friday, June 5, 2009

Day One Hundred Fifty-Six

Oh man...there is just too must to do still. This is kinda sorta cheaty, but it is for Art-o-mat® in a round about way, so I am counting it as my post for the day.

Tomorrow is the 2nd Anniversary of Detroit Comics, where one of my
Art-o-mat® machines is. (You may recall I host the two Michigan machines.) And you may also recall that Kettle and I have done a collaboration series for Art-o-mat® called "KT Goodlove".

Well, Detroit Comics is throwing a 2nd Anniversary Party tomorrow and I will have an
Art-o-mat® table there. As a way to celebrate the anniversary of Detroit Comics -- and -- to celebrate the launch of "KT Goodlove", Kettle and I have collaborated on 2 larger pieces to be given away as prizes. Kettle also graciously gave me some more artwork to be given away at the party. Really cool stuff.

Here are pictures of the two collaborations Kettle and I did. The longer one is on a plank of pine that I sanded smooth and put my collage pieces on...Kettle painted his parts and sent it back to me. The size of this piece is approximately 5 1/2" x 16"... much larger than I am used to working.

The round one is a 45 rpm record that Kettle painted on the bottom half. I added the red paper on the top and the collage elements. The girl is saying "smooth".


Terri Greenberg said...

I LOVE THE LARGER PIECE! Man-o-man, I wish I could be there to have a shot at winning it! Any chance you might do some larger pieces like that to sell on Etsy? I'm looking at my tiles, which I also love, as I write this. A lovely large piece of collage would be a great addition to my Took Gallagher collection.

Took said...

Actually, that piece may become available...checking with Kettle about it.

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