Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012/365 - Day 173

HOT weather, errands and more Art Hunt prep

Wow -- it was another HOT day car's thermometer was reading the air temperature as 91 degrees in the shade.

Today William and I continued preparations for his Miniature Art Hunt on Saturday during Northville's Arts & Acts festival.  We needed to come up with some artwork for the goody bags, we had to make the playing card for the art hunters, we had to run some other errands and then William hid Joan's letterbox boxes.  Tonight I am working on stuffing the goody bags and cutting up stickers and things while William and Carla spend some time in Detroit.

These are a few shots of William returning from hiding the letterbox boxes for Joan.  Cool project... 

(This pose is a carry-over from last night's marathon Magic: the Gathering session...silly, silly stuff!)

William will have some framed prints of his very popular series "Bearded Bunnies" available for purchase at a special price, with part of the sales going to benefit the Northville Art House.  I bought these two:

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