Saturday, June 16, 2012

2012/365 - Day 168

the two things I'm working on today/tonight

This is going to be a very hectic week coming up.  I am trying to organize my time as efficiently as possible...but that trick never works, does it?  I've made several lists and I am trying to follow them.  I like lists.

Today I am working on two specific projects.  Carving the rubber stamps for the Art Hunt and painting the edges of my MDF blocks for the DIY version of Penciled In for Art-o-mat.  

I got the idea to use the brayer to roll the paint onto the edges of the MDF block.
(I knew I had a smaller, narrower brayer!)
The edges of the blocks are pretty rough and really tear up I really like the way this looks for the DIY version.  I may put a second coat of paint on in different colors, but then again probably not because I think the paint will mostly go where it already is.

William Hessian is coming to stay at my house while he is here for the Miniature Art Hunt and we will be working on the collaborative version of Penciled In.  He has completed most of his coloring of my characters but I think he may have a few more to go.  Those blocks will need painted edges and they will need all of the labels and information inserts printed and cut and applied to the boxes, etc.  I can do the finishing up parts after William has left, though.  I am anxious to see the series in person -- the sneak peek photos I've seen were really great.

Today/tonight I am also working on carving the stamps for the businesses to use during the Art Hunt.  This year it is more like a scavenger hunt version.  The participants will have a blank card with the names and addresses of the businesses where the art is hidden and on the reverse side the business will stamp their image to show the hunter has located the art in their venue.
When I took this photo I had only completed one carving so far.  I found mostly clip art images to represent the participating businesses.

I bought all the stamp pads was pretty cool -- ALL stamp pads at Michaels were 40% off today.

I think I will be mounting these on some sort of block or maybe a dowel type handle so the stamps are easier to use.

Okay -- back to work!  (And in between times I am also working on cleaning the house -- in very short bursts.)

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